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Internet Business BlogLooong time in a galaxy far, far, far away… I’m a Star Wars fan.  One of the few things Mo and I have in common is our love for science fiction.

Anywaaaaay… do you remember this post – Skribit, Skribit, Skribit, Skribit - in it we talked about this great little widget that we installed on the blog.  Well since that widget went online we’ve had a grand total of ONE suggestion for a blog post topic.  Disappointing.  But what can you do if you’re trying to engage your visitors and they just don’t want to?

Mo and I really liked this suggestion for a topic – “List Your Favorite Blogs And Why They Are Your Favorite“.

So we’ve started to tackle this.

One thing you will not find here are the “A” list blogs.  We all know about them, and frankly I could care less about them.  There are many, what I like to think of as “B” list blogs that are up and comers that you should know about.  These are the men and women who are putting in a strong, concerted effort to keep you entertained (Mo and I included).  Some are better at it than others, but in the end they are showing you that it can be done.

Shall we begin?

The first blog up to be reviewed is – You don’t have to be a salaried employee forever.

We were first introduced to thanks to Anca over at (another blog we’ll talk about in a future post).

Flimjo has an extremly unique method to making money on the internet.  Not only does he talk about ways at making money – but like Mo (I’m retired) he also works F/T doing something presumably he enjoys but wants to work the mythical 4-hour work week. 

He blogs about his job. 

Yes, that’s right.  It’s a daily saga about what’s going on at work.  You would think that this would be boring, but you know what – it’s not!  We’re addicted!  Atleast, I know Mo is (he’s weird that way, I guess working does that to you… I dunno)… well, not daily saga but close enough!

Seriously we are addicted to his blog.

He’s got nicknames for the people that he works with – Beaker, U2-on… it’s great!  Sometimes I wish I worked so that I could post happenings in my day, but its more fun being a gazillionaire playboy.  You ought to try it.

What really makes Flimjo aka Robert (no, not me – told you I’m a gazillionaire playboy) blog is that he writes from the heart, you can “feel” it in his posts.  He doesn’t struggle for the right words to say - he knows what he wants to say, and spits it out… er, writes it out.

You get an excellent mix of topics on his blog.  Personal stuff, from Employee Life, Business Ideas, Saving Money, to Scams — things you would be interested in (remember, I’m a gazillionaire playboy and don’t worry much about saving money — unless its deciding whether to spend $50k on the Platinum Rolex or a measly $30k on the Gold Rolex… too much money, not enough time).

In fact his most recent post Your Pipe Dream List is what the everyday joe is looking for!  I mean, its like the guy standing at the magazine isle at your favourite grocery store reading Dupont Registry, Yachting Magazine, or Millionaire when he damn well knows he’s NOT getting those toys anytime soon. 

Seriously though, the items in this list is what everyone wants in life - money doesn’t necessarily define you as an individual, it’s your actions, interactions with others and what you leave behind when you are gone that will decide whether you are remembered or forgotten. 

You can bet that people will remember Bill Gates because of all the philanthropic work that he does, and not necessarily because of the empire he built with Microsoft.  Sure you’ll eventually tie the two together — but the philanthropy will be always first and foremost.

Whoops went off topic for a second…

While we’re not always searching for the best way to make money, or the latest SEO or how to take advantage of social networks for our gain – Robert @ Flimjo gives us a nice mix of posts to keep us reading and entertained.

If I had to rate Flimjo on a scale of 1 to 10, it would definately deserve a 10.

Well done, Robert!

Robert Benjamin OIBO dot org


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