The Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy Guide

Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy GuideHi,

Some time back, Ed Rivis was offering his Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy Guide.  Initially it was for FREE (PDF download), then it was offered at a huge discount.  I missed both… too bad, so sad.

Then one day I was searching for something else in Google, and I came across the Sumatrix website and there was an irresistable offer where you could sign up to their mailing list and you would get one chapter free each week.  Cool.  So I subscribed.

A few days later I rec’d an e-mail from Ed explaining what the site was set-up for and that rather than send me each chapter by e-mail each week he would mail me a copy of the book.  Cool!

So I sent him my home address and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  The book was arriving from the UK, so I expected it to take a week or two.

At first I wasn’t sure if I would get it – but sure enough, the book arrived a couple of days ago!

The package…

Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy

The book…

Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy

BONUS – an autographed copy of the book!

Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy

Thank you Ed!  I appreciate you sending me a copy of the book and that, an autographed copy!

So What is the Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy All About?

Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy

This book is “The Essential Resource on How To Use the Internet to Acquite New Customers & Clients and Optimise Sales and Profitability“.

Phew!  Quite a big statement to be made from a book that’s only 208 pages long!

The book is separated into 6 parts:

  1. Prerequiesites
  2. Front-end Acquisition
  3. Integrated Marketing
  4. Back-end Marketing
  5. Scientifically Optimizing Sales
  6. Putting It All Together

The book provides information on promoting sites using traditional marketing methods such as press releases and even article marketing.  You read about link building and even search engine optimization.

The creme del-la creme of the book (in my opinion) is the section on Scientifically Optimizing Sales – which goes into split-path testing, and multi-variate testing two VERY powerful methods of testing.

Testing is something that is imperetive on your site, especially if you are marketing products and services.  You need to constantly test your headlines, colors, various calls to action — just about anything you can think of you should be testing.

This books is VERY GOOD.  It has something for everyone — from the complete beginner to more advanced webmasters and business owners.

If I only had a book like this when I started out, I would have spent far less than $10,000 on the latest gimmick that the gurus were flogging that week (read my About page to better understand what I mean).

I remember spending over $100.00 at one point to learn about back-end sales, but you get it in this book for around $40.00 US.

Want to learn about AdWords?  Spend $97.00 on an e-book or $40.00 US on Eds book.  How about keywords?  Yup, Ed covers it in Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy and for around $40.00 US.

The section on copywriting is pure gold – individuals pay top dollar to learn copywriting or to have a professional write their copy for them.  In the Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy you learn this about copywriting:

  • How to Master the Most Powerful Element on any Sales Web Page
  • Examples of Great Headlines That Sell
  • What Every Sales Page Simply Must Have

There is even an entire part on Profitable Blogging!

Ed leaves no stone unturned, this book gives you the knowledge you need in order to ensure that your business has started on the right foot.

Looking for more opinons on Eds’ book?

Here are a couple of links:

I highly recommend that you purchase this book, it can be found directly through Eds website - Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy.  It sells for roughly $40.00 US and is worth every single dollar.

So I’ve gone through this about a dozen times since I rec’d it — and I’m off to read it yet again!



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