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I’ve made a few changes on the blog.  I’ve removed the header and footer advertising – I didn’t like it and it allows for better posts and reading, plus less distraction.

I’ve also been hiding out for the last little while looking at several PPC programs that I’ve been reviewing.  One program has since been pulled, but it will come back as a physical product.  The second is still available but I’m just getting to it now and will share what I’ve learned from it.

I’m also working on setting up my own CPA campaigns.  I had tried PPC years ago, but fell horribly short of what I probably could achieve as I didn’t really have a clue about what I was doing.  This time around I’ve done my research and am applying what I’ve learned to better use.  To that end I’ve finished setting up about 4-5 different blogs to market specific affiliate products and will use a mix of SEO (article writing, social bookmarking and other techniques to get visitors) and CPC marketing through Google AdWords, MSN and Yahoo.  I may consider some of the 2nd tier CPC search engines — however have not made the final decision simply because I’m not sure of their market share and potential issues with click fraud.

What have I learned so far?

Picking CPA offers is easy.  Anyone can do it, you just have to perform sufficient market research and then decide.  The seasoned affiliate marketers making 4, 5 and 6 figures per month have this down.  They know what will and will not perform and market accordingly.

A LOT of money can be made in the CPA world.  There is no such thing as “late entry”.  Late entry exists in the sense that search engines may not allow certain marketing efforts to continue — which is a good thing because if forces EVERYONE that is involved to clean up their act.  You’ve no doubt read all about the suit that Oprah has brought up.  This stemmed from marketers using Oprah and other celebrities names/images to market products and make them appear to be more legitimate.  Search engines are also cracking down on “rebill” programs (or negative rebill programs).

What is a negative rebill program?  Simple.  I pay company X $2.95 for a free bottle of Acai Weight Loss or Acai Muscle Builder or Acai whatever…  They have my credit card number.  If I do not cancel within 21 days, they send me another y bottles of the product for $xx.xx.  They continue to send me bottles until I call to cancel.  So you’re OPTED IN automatically instead of having the option to OPT IN.

Landing pages can be as simple or as exquisite as you want, but if you use Google to advertise then the quality of those pages will determine how much (or little) you will pay per click to drive visitors to your site.  Bad pages = higher CPC, good pages (what constitutes a good page is still under debate) results in lower CPC.

What is a good page?  Most people agree something that offers value to the visitor and has a proper structure – pages like Contact Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy etc., this makes the site more legitimate.  Think of it this way- would you shop or buy from a retail outlet that doesn’t advertise their company name or won’t give you a receipt for your purchase?  Probably not.  This is the equivalent.  But again what exactly constitutes a good page is debatable.

Test and track.  If you want to win in this game, you must test and you MUST track.  I’ve registered an account with Tracking202 ( there is A LOT to learn!  That’s why I’m not rushing to get my campaigns running.  I don’t want to make the same mistakes I made last time.  Previously I spent hundreds of dollars only to see no return and no way of knowing what works and what does not.

Keywords.  Keywords are your friend, but rather than relying exclusively on tools use brain power to come up with keywords.  The only analogy I can think of is the mechanic who just knew by listening to your car what was wrong and could fix it once and never have to fix the same problem again.  Become comfortable with finding keywords on your own because you never know when the tool you’re using disappears.

That’s about all that I can think of right now.  I’ll try and update you regularly as to my progress and will share with you what I’ve learned.  What is here in this post, is really the condensed matter you will find in many of the e-books out there – they just add more fluff to their content.  I can add fluff.  And charge you if you want.

Essentially over the last few weeks I’ve come to the conclusion that much of the shit out there (ebooks/videos/memberships) is just that  – shit.  Everything that I’ve been learning, I’ve learned from reading FREE stuff and asking the right questions.  Have a question?  ASK ME.  I will answer you honestly.  If I don’t know, I will tell you that I don’t but will try and find an answer for you.

The reason that most people DO NOT succeed is because they get duped.  How often have you seen “Marketer Makes $600,000 in program in one week?” – what they DIDN’T tell you is that it probably cost them $550,000 in ADVERTISING MONEY to make $600,000 — so often you do not get the NET results but the GROSS results.  I mean I could easily tell you that I sold $5,000 worth of products in one week – but so what?  How much of that is PROFIT.

Don’t be duped by what you read.  Ask questions.  Follow GOOD advice and you will make money online.


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