This Smart Aleck Could Teach YOU A Thing Or Two!

Nasty Combover - NOT ME!!!Hi,

Couple of posts ago, I talked about EntreCard and Jay left a comment… naturally I visited Jays’ site and somehow I ended up at the website of The University Kid – TUK lives in Dubai, UAE – anyway you an always read his About page to learn more about him … so it was 1:00am PST so I was pretty sleepy and not sure how I ended up there (he’s not really a smart aleck, but a pretty smart guy…).

I had been there in the past a couple of times, but for whatever reason never bookedmarked him or added him to my RSS reader.

So this time I spent a few minutes there – around 10 or 15 and read several posts.  One post that blew me away (am I showing my age by using slang that is 20 years old???  Maybe it’s time for a comb-over, record a YouTube video like John Chow [it's his Shitty Attempt at a Viral Video] did and it’ll go viral???) was this one -

If you’re looking to make it B-I-G by becoming a professional blogger, check out The University Kid.  You will not be disappointed!



P.S. No – I’ll never do a comb-over.  I may be old and loosing my hair, but that’s just ridiculous!!!

P.P.S. No – that nasty combover is NOT ME!

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