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Hi, is one of the newest text ads network to hit the Internet.  One thing that you’ll find different with TNX (pronounced Thanks as in SMS speak) is the flexability they provide for publishers, and advertisers. Text Ad Network OIBO

Learn About TNX

TNX provides a lot of information about their program from their landing page.  They provide an advertiser FAQ, website publishers FAQ, along with details on their affiliate program. 

TNX is also providing a limited time offer of 5,000 links from quality websites, for FREE!

They’ve also offered up an article/post that you can read on SitePoint forums about how you can rank high in Google for highly competetive keywords.

How Much Money Can Your Site Make?

I thought this feature was really cool – provides an Income Calculator on their landing page.  Simply enter your website URL and click on Calculate Profit.

Next enter the number of pages on your site, and then manually enter the number of pages that have specific PR values, select the type of site you run and finally the number of links you’d like to place on each page and their system will calculate how much money you can earn per month.

Since OIBO.ORG is a new site, I had to “fudge” the numbers — but I didn’t go nuts!  Have a look… (you can click on the image, and it will expand to 640×480 — this works on all images in this post).

Based on 300 pages (approx) with 35 identified as PR3 with 3 links per page and my site classified as “Business, Finance, Industrial” I could expect to earn about $97.98 per month.  You can work with the numbers as they pertain to your site to see what your sites earning potential is.

Creating Your Account

Creating your account in the system is simple – they don’t ask for a million pieces of information like most other networks do.

Simply enter 5 pieces of information and you are all set!

That has got to be the easiest sign-up I’ve ever had to go through!  Most networks make you enter much more information…

Once you create your account, and log into the system you’re greeted with the front page of the publisher/advertiser control panel.

On the left side is the control panel.  Very easy to spot and not hidden under text based menus – I like the visual cues and interface that provides.

The control panel offers options for Webmasters, Advertisers and for their Affiliate Program.  There is also a link for support (they offer LIVE CHAT as one of their support options in addition to their forum).

TNX Control Panel

From their control panel, you can “Get Code” that needs to be placed on your site. 

Although I’m a programmer, I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of code that I would need to add to my site.  I really feel that this should have been optimized and put into a file for you to download, so that you just need to include one file and you’re done with it.  Instead, makes you handle this part of the process. 

You can easily take the code, place it into a file, save the file and upload it to your site then reference the file on your site instead of the l-e-n-g-t-h-y code.  But this is a minor issue.

Once you have added the code, you need to add your site – all sites are reviewed by before being approved.

Something different you will see are TNX points – I’ll talk about them a little later.

The one major advantage with TNX is the ability to target specific pages on your site since some pages may potentially have a HIGHER PR than others.  So rather than place one ad that would appear on your site and earn the same amount for each page – TNX gives you the ability to target pages on your site a BIG bonus for site owners that want to monetize different pages on their site.

Here are a couple more screen shots…

Getting your code for your website:

Adding a new website under your account for the TNX network:

Growing Links Naturally

Just remember – Google HATES sites that sell PR and since you CAN NOT use the “no follow” tag, if you’re suspected of selling advertising (or PR) you could get in trouble. 

This is where provides a free tool to make paid links look NATURAL for Google.  Basically what this means is that their system shows links on other sites as if they’ve been added naturally or organically rather than placed in bulk.

Here is a quote from the SitePoint forums from TNX:

2 main points are: moderate link placement speed and a variety of link anchors to make links look natural.

When over 100 new links pointing to one page appear in several days, all with same anchors (which is unnatural) – Google will most likely notice you and the pages you were promoting may disappear from SERPs for 1 month. This automated “too many links at once” filter is intended to keep you away from buying links, but it’s very easy to avoid this filter!

Advertiser Advantages

For the advertiser one of the coolest features is a calculator that will show you how many backlinks you can expect based on parameters you enter for your advertising.

You start by selecting the website categories you want your site to be shown on.

Next select the GEO Targetting – or where in the world you want your sites to show up.  Remember that English makes up only a small percentage of domains/sites/regions/languages in the world so it would be beneficial to target other domains/regions.

Next you select your YB ratings – YB being Yahoo Backlinks.  A site with more backlinks has more authority and more pages in the search engine.  You can target sites from 0-500 backlinks to sites that have more than 250,000 backlinks to advertise on!

Finally you select the page rank of the sites where you want your advertisement to appear on.

You can select from page rank of 0 to 7.

The lower the PR, the lower number of points (or dollars) it costs to advertise on those sites.

While there are benefits on advertising on sites that have HIGH PR values — there are also advantages to advertise on sites with LOW PR –that being, you can buy many more links on those lower PR valued sites which means MORE of your links shown over the Internet.  A BONUS for the advertiser.

Once you have entered all this information, one last bit of information needed – how many points you want to spend per month.

You can use the +/- icons to increase/decrease the amount of points you want to spend each month.

Based on what I entered, if I were to spend $15.00 per month or 10,000 points I could get approx 31 links (provided the ad space is available).  As TNX suggest to get more links, uncheck high PR and YB options.

Right now – links are CHEAP!  If you’re wanting to experiment then you may want to try TNX out — just remember to test and track so you can see what your ROI is.

TNX Points – What?

From their FAQ: 

Points are used to purchase advertising, but they can also used as money within the TNX network.  As the value of points increase, 100,000 points purchased for $100 could be worth much more as the network grows allowing you to either sell your points back to TNX or to another TNX member.

TNX also offers a Money Back Guaranatee:

Money Back Guarantee TNX will issue a refund of any funds available on your TNX-account in case you are having trouble understanding how the TNX system works. For security purposes all refunds will be issued to the same account payments were made from via the same payment method.

Size of

Based on information found on their website:

They claim to have 49,721 users and have sold 23, 848,473 ads.  They claim to be growing at a rate of .25% per day.

Affiliate Program

Before I sign-off, I should also mention that TNX does offer an affiliate program.

Cool thing about their affiliate program - NO MINIMUM LEVELS FOR PAYOUTS!

For more information about their affiliate program head on over here –

Learn More About TNX

If you’d like to learn more about – including other review check out these resources:

A lot of buzz is being generated about TNX as can be seen by Alexa:

My Overall Impressions

My overall impressions of TNX network are positive. 

That being said they offer a lot of flexability which can make using the network confusing. 

I would recommend that if you decide to use the TNX text advertising network you become familiar with their system.  This means spending time in their forums to learn more about the system and what other webmasters struggle with or have mastered.  There is a lot of good information in their forum.

Next – make use of their LIVE CHAT if you have pressing questions.

Customer Support is the key for any network to survive and flourish.  Although I did not make use of their customer service, just looking through the forum I could see that questions were getting answered pretty quickly by ALEX – a TNX support staff member.  There were A LOT of answers by Alex – hopefully there is more than 1 support staff that is answering questions.

There are many other text link advertising networks out there – however if you are looking at getting into a new system where the cost of entry is low, then I’d suggest trying out



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