Top 4 Reasons Why You Are Holding Yourself Back

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It seems to be human nature – procrastination.  It may stem from mundane and usually “expensive” tasks like paying bills, or completing your income taxes.  Who likes to do that?  So you put it off.  But what are the consequence of putting it off?  Usually late payment charges, a bump UP in the interest rate your credit card company charges or the tax man looking for you.

Since we are so busy procrastinating so much, it spills into other parts of our lives.

I WILL fix that, I WILL get to that.

When and why not now?

Too busy at work this week.  I’ve got a million other things to do.  I don’t have time right now.  I’ll do it on the weekend.  I’m waiting for my holidays to finish that.


If you’re working on building your online business, you DO NOT HAVE TIME for procrastination.  For every minute/hour/day/week/month you delay something there are going to be a dozen other people who will be more than happy to jump in and take over.

That was reason #1 – excuses.  We’re all pretty good at making excuses.  In the “real world” excuses only go so far.  Sooner or later there are consequences to pay for those excuses.  If you work full-time to provide for your family – what would happen if you’re suddnely laid off/fired?

I hinted at another reason at the start of the post – did you notice it?  Reason #2 – feelings of being overwhelmed.  This happens all the time.  You read about it in the paper at the start of each year, just after Christmas.  People spending more than they should be.  In your internet business, being overwhelmed can stem from simple things like getting a blog set-up, having to install plug-ins to get make it more functional.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, do two things:

  1. Ask for help.  You will be amazed at what a simple request will get you.  It’s not difficult to ask for help.  Do you follow a blog?  Leave the owner a comment.  Most people will love to help you out!
  2. Make a list.  Make a list of what needs to be done, work on prioritizing that list then work through it.  Set a time limit for each task based on your best guess.  Perhaps looking at a long list may make you feel overwhelmed — but you’ve DOCUMENTED everything that needs to be done!  This will help keep you in check, and keep your inner-self at peace.

Item #2 above is actually part of the third reason why you are holding yourself back, and that is trivial pursuits – and we are not talking about the game or a game.

Reason #3 – trivial pursuits.  We all do this.  We work on those items that give us the smallest bang for our buck.  When you go out shopping, don’t you look for value in what you buy?  When making a major purchase like house or automobile, don’t you look for the best deals?  How about shopping around for a holiday destination?  Do you buy the first package you see?  Nope – you want the best for your dollar.  You should approach your to-do list in the same way and your day in the same way.

How often do you find yourself drifting from unimporant chores?  It could be as simple as rearranging your desk drawers, surfing the web — all at the expense of neglecting crucial marketing activities.

Yes – it’s perfectly fine to take part in these activities, but there is a time for them and that time is not when you are at your peak effeciency.  Keep tasks which do not result in any gains for after-hours.  During the part of your day when you should be concentrating on building your internet business – do just that.  If you need to surf the web for an important part of your research, do it quickly then get on with the task at hand. 

If surfing the web is important for your work, then as you hit sites that are interesting on a personal note just make a note of them and then visit them later.  Always keep in mind what your goals are so that you can refocus when you loose sight of what you should be working on.

Finally the 4th reason why you are holding yourself back – an overflowing pipeline.  Yes, this is an issue and is quite unique to entrepreneurs and salespeople.  They are so busy developing new leads that they forget contacting the prospects they already have.

How does this affect YOU?  Simple.  How many projects do you have on the go at any one time?  1?  2?  5?  10?  MORE?  How can you juggle so many?  While multi-tasking might seem like the best way to get things done – it isn’t.  Dedicate time to one project at a time.  If you have more work, consider outsourcing the work.  Why put 10% into a project and develop the product to only 10% of its potential worth?  Why not spend 100% of your time on one project, release it so that you’re providing your customer with a truly valuable product?

In summary, here are the Top 4 Reasons Why You Are Holding Yourself Back:

  1. Excuses.
  2. Feeling overwhelmed.
  3. Trivial pursuits.
  4. Overflowing pipeline.

Do you have something to add?  Do you have a solution to any of these reason for other readers?  Please, share them!  Comments are always turned on at Internet Business Opportunity!



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