Traffic Technique – Commenting On Other Blogs

Traffic TechniqueHi,

Commenting on other blogs is a much talked about technique to generate traffic.  I use this successfully and comment on about 20 other blogs — though nowhere as often as I could or should be doing.

One question that is frequently asked is “where do I find like minded blogs?” – the answers are easy.

  • If you are using EntreCard – each time someone drops a card on your blog, you are notified via their Control Panel.  Visit those sites!
  • Have you installed MyBlogLog?  Check mine out – it’s at the end of the sidebar (yes I know, not the best place for it).  I visit those that have visited my site.
  • Found this while going through my FeedBurner stats –

Besides these three methods, you should also:

  • As individuals comment on your blog – follow the link to their blog!  Everyone likes to feel luved!
  • Reply to those that leave comments!  They will be back to read your reply.  How else do you start a community of loyal followers?
  • Install a Top Commentators plug-in so you can see who comments the most on your blog.  This is an added advantage for the commentator as they get a “free” link back to their site.

What other techniques do you use?  I would love to hear from you!



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