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I’ve talked about guest blogging a few times, not because it doesn’t work or is time consuming – in fact, quite the opposite!  It’s GREAT!  It can result in H-U-G-E amounts of traffic to your website, especially if you get the opportunity to post your article on a high-profile blog.  The results could skyrocket your bandwidth to the verge of your provider shutting you down because your site has suddenly received 10,000 new visitors.

…so I can’t guarantee that you’ll become famous, or your fortunes will increase or if you will even get tons of traffic.  It really depends on what you write, and how well it is received on the blog you are guest posting.

Why Guest Blogging Is NOT Like Submitting To An Article Directory

At first glance you’re probably thinking – “hey – this is like submitting to an article directory!” – well, no – it isn’t.  An article directory contains thousands of articles on virtually every topic under the sun whereas being a guest blogger you’re not competing with anyone else.  You have the readers full attention.

Is Guest Blogging a WIN-WIN-WIN Situation Or Does The Guest Blogger Lose?

Guest blogging is a win-win-win situation.

The guest blogger (YOU) win – your post and style is exposed to even MORE readers — even if that’s only a few hundred.  Plus you get a link back to your site from another authority site.

The site you’re guest blogging on wins – they get free content and more perspectives on the topic that is being discussed or around the theme of the blog.

The visitors that are reading the blog where you are guest posting also benefit.  They are exposed to someone else that they may not have had the chance to read about.

I’m Sold – How Can I Become A Guest Blogger?

But how do you become a guest blogger?  What are the rules for guest bloggers?

There are some simple things but the most important is…

  • Don’t approach a blog cold – comment on the blog, build a relationship with the blog owner and their visitors.

Darren Rowse over at ProBlogger has already thought it through with a multi-part story on guest blogging.  Here are the links to each of his posts.

  1. How To Be A Good Guest Blogger
  2. How To Get Guest Blogging Jobs
  3. How To Find A Guest Blogger For Your Blog
  4. Why Guest Bloggers are Great For A Blog

Another fantastic post on guest blogging can be found over at –

The entire series is well worth the read, you will learn a lot about guest blogging and why you should be doing this.



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