Travelling Tips For The Budding Dot Com Mogul

Travelling Tips

Are you a budding dot com mogul?  Looking to travel the US or the rest of the world at the drop of a dime?  I love to travel.  Several years ago, my wife and I took a trip to Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  It was great!  But one thing that we DID NOT do is book in advance.  Which might be OK, however as we arrived to each destination we paid in some cases double OR triple the room rate because we didn’t book in advance.

At the time it was fine, there was no kid to worry about, no mortage, and no debts.

But today, we certainly could not do that.  We have to book in advance, but at the same time we want to find the best deals we possibly can.

In fact my wife and I are planning a trip either this year, or next year to a few places (mostly we’ve seen these sights on TV or have friends/family that have visited and have told us to go).

I found a few great website where I found CHEAP rates for hotels.

There are four places that we really want to go to:

  • San Francisco – really want to see the Golden Gate Bridge (I remember seeing this on one of the Star Trek movies, and in numerous TV shows).  If you’re planning on visiting San Francisco, check out Cheap San Francisco Hotels.  Other attractions are Russian Hill, Alcatraz, and of course everyones favourite – the San Francisco Zoo.
  • Miami – OK, OK, I was a Miami Vice fan and love CSI, though I don’t want to see that part of the city.  The Miami skyline looks stunning, I’ve been told that the Villa Vizcaya, is something that should not be missed.  Also my son loves parrots/birds/animals, and I’ve heard about about the Parrot Jungle Park – which he will get a thrill out of!  Besides parts of Grand Theft Auto take place in Vice City – a fictional city that is based on Miami.  Cheap hotels in Miami can be found by visiting Cheap Miami Hotels.  Other places of interest are the Miami Seaquarim, Metro Zoo, and of course the Miami Childrens Museum.  There are many more great places to see, and you definately don’t want to miss the beaches.
  • Los Angeles – the company I work for does a lot of work in the US, and we have several field service technicians that operate in LA.  Everytime I talk to them they always say that I must visit LA.  So this is definately on our itinerary!  Sites like the Griffith Observatory, LAX (the design) and for my son – the LA Zoo, and of course DISNEY!  The best priced hotels in LA can be found at Cheap LA Hotels
  • New York – a trip to the US is not called complete unless you visit New York.  You can find less expensive hotels and places to stay over at Cheap New York City HotelsEmpire State Building, Central Park Zoo and Central Park are all places that we would love to visit.

We are working on building a list of sites to see, so sites like Wikipedia are a great help as are the official city sites.  They have links to many of the most popular tourist destinations and since rich web publishing is so popular — you can experience the attraction first hand to see if it’s something you would like to do.

Maybe we will see you in one of these fantastic places!

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