Unadultered and Bare Naked…

nude naked cartoon

Uhhhh, no.  We wouldn’t put you through that much torture to show you us in our birthday suits… but this is about YOU.  Well, us also…

Are YOUR 404 pages as naked as a porn star on their debut DVD?  Are they as bare as Marge Simpson in this image?  Well, then you gotta do something about it!

I was reading a great post over at Balkhis, Optimization of 404 Pages to Improve the Bounce Rate and thought to myself…

“hey…what does OUR 404 page look like…” so off I went to test it out at http://www.oibo.org/anything and my gosh!  Was I shocked.  It was as bare as…well, you know. 

So we took some of Balkhis advice and pumped up our 404 page so that it isn’t so bare and just a little more inviting.

Pumped Up SteroidsNow that your blog has been up and around for ages, why not take a look at what visitors see when they hit YOUR 404 page.

Is it PUMPED UP on steroids…er, links to content on your site?  Or is it bare?

Robert Benjamin



About Rob 'n Mo

I'm a man of mystery. I like anonymity, but on the WWW there is not much of it...
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