Understanding Different Types Of Resale Rights

Just a couple of posts ago we talked about what PLR (or Private Label Rights) are all about.  We started with a very high-level explanation about Private Label Rights (read the post Breaking Into Internet Marketing – Private Label Rights) then went on to provide more detail in the post What The Heck Are Private Label Rights?

Both posts turned out to be very popular.  In reality, we made the false assumption that everyone really understood just what the hell private label rights were and how they worked – but clearly there was a lot of confusion… or atleast questions about what they are and how they really work.

These next series of posts go onto explain different types of resale rights:

  • Basic, Standard, and Full Resale Rights
  • Non-Transferable and Transferable Resale Rights
  • Rebranding Rights
  • Private Label Rights (which we’ve already talked about)

We will also talk about the “why” – that is, why would you want to purchase resale rights and perhaps some tips on the specific types of rights you should be looking for (bet you few ever talk about this).

Before we jump into the various types of rights lets talk about why anyone would want to give rights to their work away.  Believe it or not, there are very good reasons to do so!

The best way to explain it is to show you by way of example.

You’ve developed the Ultimate Guide To StumbleUpon For Profit (or anything that will drive droves of people to your site and purchase your product).  So you start by selling it for $27, $37, $47 or more dollars.  It’s a instant success!  You then convert the e-book into a MP3 presentation and sell that.  It does well.  You convert it into a video course and that also does well.  In fact it does so well that you offer live training… but after a few months you notice that while the product is selling, it’s no longer making as much money as it did – but it is bringing in steady income.

How do you jump start the product again?

Offer RIGHTS to your product.

While you may have an impressive list of 5,000, 10,000 or more on your e-mail list – suppose if you could expose your product you 10x the number of people?

That’s what resell rights can do for you.

When it comes to resell rights, some people will also toss in PLR rights – so you get the source, this allows you to sell the product by modifying the content so that you can lead visitors to more of your products.  But you don’t need to offer PLR rights or similar to your product.

Lets take the route that you do not offer PLR type rights, but straight resell rights (but not MASTER resell rights).  You offer resell rights to your existing list for $497 or more.  this gives them the opportunity to sell YOUR product for a minimum price that you suggest.  But the item you’re selling is a pre-packaged PDF, so its also embedded with additional products that you sell.


Not only are you exposing your product to tens of thousands of others, but you can then direct those people to more of your products.

But it doesn’t stop there.  You can offer resell rights to your e-books, MP3s, PODCASTS, Videos etc.,

So you can now see how resell rights can add more life to your product and drive more visitors and sales to other products that you may be selling!

So lets see how you can make money in a more simplified way…

Resell Rights

That should give you an visual look at how you can take one product, convert it into multiple products and then start selling resell rights to make even MORE money!

If you have any questions – be sure to leave a comment and we will do our best to answer them for you.

Robert Benjamin @ Internet Business Opportunities


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