Value of Good Customer Service


I’ve talked about providing customer service on a few occasions here, but providing customer service is not the same as the Value of Good Customer Service.

It might be perfectly fine to push out a customer service application on your website, staff it.  But that won’t mean anything if you don’t put any effort into ensuring that the people providing the service are providing a value add to you, your site and products and most of all your customers.

What is the value of good customer service?  In todays environment where word of mouth spreads like wildfire and websites set-up to expose companies bad customer service the value of providing good customer service is the difference between making a living and running a successful internet business and working at a JOB – again.

In the world of Internet Marketing and Internet Business good customer service is even more critical.  As it is, the industry does not sit well in most regulators eyes.  They think we’re all MLM con-artists that are riding on the tails of guillable consumers.  There are many exceptional marketers and business people out there busting their chops providing valuable products services and good customer service to ensure that their customers get value.  They got there by providing value to their customers, by listening to them and resolving their issues.

Here are links to a few articles that speak to the value of good customer service.


So are you providing customer service, or providing good customer service that your customers value?  If you provide a ture value added service they will be willing to pay more for your product or service since they realize that their questions will get answered and they won’t need to continually hunt you down for a simple reply.



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