Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Global Warming - NOT Good for Internet Business!Hi,

With all the talk about reducing your carbon footprint, governments taxing just about everything we do in the hopes that you and I stop abusing resources I decided to work on a project along the lines these lines.  As such I registered a set of domains:

  • CarbonFootsy.com
  • CarbonFootsy.net
  • CarbonFootsy.org
  • CarbonFootsy.biz
  • CarbonFootsy.info

So these domains are registered until 2010.

The tag-line for Carbon Footsy is “…because we’re all in it together…” with a circle of feet all touching one another to represent that global warming and reducing our carbon footprint is not just for the rich Western Nations and Europe, but impacts the entire world.

Right now, all the domains go to Sedo as I was going to sell them — but I think I’ll keep them and work on developing the sites.  Obviously they are intended to be used in conjunction with all the emphasis being placed on reduce, reuse and recycle – reducing your carbon footprint.

But I am soliciting ideas for how else to use the sites.  Do I just set-up a blog, perform some SEO, post to it occasionally and let it run wild?  Do I try and lease it out to someone?  How should I use this great resource?

I would love to get your feedback!



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