We Upgraded To WordPress 2.5


I installed WordPress on my other site (http://www.mohamedbhimji.com) with a stable release of WordPress 2.5 and was pretty happy with it.  Then this morning, I saw that WP issued notice that WP 2.5 is ready for general release.

So after backing-up my DB, generating my home directory back-up along with FTP’ing over all essential files I started to upgrade the site to WordPress 2.5.

In fact if you were visiting, you may have even noticed some errors — but less than 10 minutes later it was done – I ran the upgrade and viola!  WordPress 2.5 was up and running without any error! 

If you are thinking about upgrading – YOU SHOULD!  The admin has been totally revamped.  It is VERY NICE.

Here is the admin dashboard – it’s kinda tiny, sorry ’bout that:

WordPress 2.5

But at a glance you can tell immediately your blogs stats (# of posts, # of pages, # of drafts, # of scheduled posts).  You can write a new page or post quickly.  You can even see your recent comments without going into the comments menu.

I personally really like WordPress 2.5.

The install was painless, I just made sure I had a backup of my old wp-config.php file and copied the required contents into the new version of the file (there is a small change to the file).

If you’re feeling daring – I’d recommend upgrading to WordPress 2.5!



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