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Several days ago, Aaron Brandon posted on his website:


Initially I never thought much of it, I mean I know that you need to stay healthy and how important it is but I never thought about the amount of exercise you’ll need if you’re working from home.

But you know staying healthy also means you need to be able to set goals, plan and stick to it.  That’s where this post comes in and why I’m talking about weight loss.

Years ago, I was well over 350 lbs — probably close to 400 lbs.  I went to my doctor, who said “lose it” or you’re going to die.  So in about one year I lost 100lbs and have managed to keep it off — mostly.

Now what does this have to do with running an internet business?  A lot!

When I decided that I had to lose weight, I set my goals and a plan to ensure I stayed true to my goals.  I wrote out a “contract” to myself and listed what I had to do to fulfill that contract.  Finally I stuck to it.

There were a lof days where I’d binge — but rather than feel guilty about it, I wrote down how I was feeling at the time and the next time I felt the same way, I did something else to reinforce my goals.

Running your business, you will go through the same thing.

You may release your first product, but get very little response to it.  Don’t be disappointed, but look at what you did right and what you may have done wrong and learn from it.

As you are working towards releasing your first product, write your goals down and plan what needs to be done to release it. 

If it works the first time, try the same process a second time.  Perhaps the second time you will see a way to improve upon it — tweak your process and try it a third time.  After a few iterations you will have designed a flawless process that works for any niche or area you want to develop a product in.

So what does weight loss have to do with running a successful business?  Everything.  To lose the weight you need to set goals, create your plan and follow it through.  Much like — EXACTLY LIKE — running your own business.



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