What a WASTE of money!

Throwing money awayHi,

I was working on my computer, and went through some old directories on my laptop and on my external hard drive.  The external drive is a few years old — about 7 or 8 and from my old desktop PC.

As I went through it, I found over a dozen folders marked “INTERNET MARKETING“.  I found tons of stuff on them.  E-books that I bought, stuff that I got for free, access codes to monthly membership sites where all I did was download the information provided but NEVER put to real good use.

I was heart broken.

Heart broken, because I even kept copies of the ClickBank, PayPal and other receipts.  There were HUNDREDS.  As I looked at each one, and roughly totalled how much I spent – it was easily in the thousands of dollars.

I looked for a quick fix.  And after reading James Brauschs’ blog, I found that there really isn’t a quick fix.  I was taking, what I thought was one step forward but in fact took probably a dozen or more steps back.

Who got rich?  The marketer with the slick sales page, who promised me that the fix would cure all my woes.

I don’t hate them.  But they suckered me in.  I won’t let that happen again.

I’ve learned MORE over the last year reading James blog, plus others found on the blog roll to the right that I did from the internet marketing gurus. 

They sure know one thing – how to manipulate people into buying anything.  Much like advertisers to on TV (especially on TV since they have a captive audience).

I’m drifting a bit in this post.

I remember a post that James had on his original site about TV, and I was quite adamant that he was wrong and I was right.  But over the year, I gradually filtered out the TV and focused my energies.  In doing so, I got more things done around the house.  My career took positive turns and I felt better since I was not getting sucked in by every marketing message out there.

I still do watch TV, I love science fiction so enjoy some favourite shows.  But TV no longer runs my life

…anyway, back to topic.

Today I’m following what James teaches:

Traffic + Copywriting + Product = Successful Internet Business

And you know, I’m pretty sure it is going to work.  He doesn’t force me to buy into his software or whatever he sells – and what he does sell works.  The people that follow James operate in the same way.

They are a bunch of honest, hardworking folks who want to succeed without going broke.

And they are doing it.

I WILL be doing it soon!

I’m not going to be the 98% that are kidding themselves

I will be part of the 2% crowd.



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