What Are The Top 3 Reasons Most People Fail At Affiliate Marketing

Over the course of the year Mo and I have gone from writing about making money on the internet to some practical advice from our own experiences.  Some of the topics we’ve written about get many responses, and others none.  Some topics even generate quite a bit of e-mail (how did YOU find our e-mail address anyways?!).

We received this question/comment a few days ago about affiliate marketing:

“Hi – I’ve tried affiliate marketing without any real success.  I spent money on advertising but did not see any return at all.  I doubt affiliate marketing works.  I tried affiliate marketing in about one dozen hot areas…” blah, blah, blah.

There is more, but that’s the gist of it.

In the end, the writer states that “affiliate marketing failed me“.  Uh, no – YOU failed in affiliate marketing.

Nobody said that affiliate marketing is easy, what is easy in life?  If everything were then we would all be millionaires (like me), right?

Affiliate marketing works – but it took me a few days to come up with “The Top 3 Reasons Most People Fail At Affiliate Marketing“.

Reason #3 – Why You SUCK and Failed At Affiliate Marketing

You’re a total ass and don’t have what it takes to get off of your ass, and stick to a plan, set goals or follow through with any of the procedures or processes that Affiliate Managers and their organizations provide.  Truth be told, you’ll always be sitting on your backside rubbing salt into your own wounds and being jealous and envious of others because you can’t learn from your mistakes.

Seriously affiliate marketing is so bloody easy that I’m sure if I told Mo’s 6-year old kid how to do it and gave him step-by-step instructions, he could.

It is simple – here are the basic steps:

  • Pick an area of interest – say something goofy like chocolate covered tofu.
  • Next pick a domain name that reflects your topic of interest – how about http://www.chocolatecoveredtofu.com and register it.
  • Pick up a CHEAP, CHEAP host to host your domain, you can get it for under $10.00 per month at http://www.findmyhosting.com.
  • Create a website – set-it up as a blog, most hosting packages have provisions to set-up a blog without any fuss.  If you need help – contact us and we’ll be glad to help set you up for $100.00 flat fee payable through PayPal.
  • Write and advertise… OK, OK there is a bit more to it as you do need to have specific plug-ins loaded in your install but once the basics are there, there is nothing else to do except promote yourself!

Even if you can’t write daily – you can HIRE someone to write for you.  I am not going to go into hiring writers for your business in this post, there is just too much to talk about!  But either Mo or I will talk about it, OK?

So besides the fact that You SUCK and Failed At Affiliate Marketing

Reason #2 – You Couldn’t Focus An Auto-Focus Camera, Let Alone Focus On Your Business

True, true true.  You are so dense you can’t even figure out what to do next.  FOCUS is the keyword.  Focus on your goals and develop plans to get there.  One of Mo’s goals is to ensure his kid has enough to go to univeristy.  He’s focused on this, so does what he can to ensure his kid is prepared – from sending him to a private montessori, to a private school so that he gets a good education, to ensuring the toys he has helps build his skills and brain AND have fun! 

That’s what I mean by FOCUS.  You have a goal in mind, and you work towards that goal.  Not some pansy pie-in-the-sky dream that will take you a gazillion dollars inside of a week.

Pick ONE product that you can promote effectively.  Work at it until you’ve developed a system that works so well you could hire someone to do it (hey… there is another topic that we will be talking about soon) then repeat the process with another product and keep going until you’ve got 5 or 10 or 50 products. 

Think about this, if one product gets you say $1,000 per month and you can successfully duplicate the process for another product 10 times – that could put $10,000 into your pocket each and every month.  WOW.  You would almost be making as much as I do – almost.

Reason #1 – You Are Clueless About Target Marketing

Seen this all the time in the consultations that Mo and I have undertaken (we do only a few per year due to both of our time committments to family and enjoying the good life – we charge $1,500.00 per consultation which includes up to 30 hours of support).

You start selling a hot product, instead of targetting that market.  Yes these are TWO different things.  Stores like Wal-Mart can sell hot products, they don’t care about targetting the market – if they did they would be like a EB GAMES or other niche player.  Wal-Mart sells anything and everything; their clerks in Electronics don’t know shit about shit.

Try selling chocolate covered tofu if you know shit about chocolate covered tofu.  You don’t have to be an expert, but you should know enough to target the products appropriately.  HINT: Hang out where people talk about chocolate covered tofu.

So there yah have it – the Top 3 Reasons Why You Suck And Failed At Affiliate Marketing or some thing else…

Oh yah, I am back…

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