What Is A DOFollow Blog?

spamSo you’ve started off your career to become a professional blogger and you’ve read that you should post to DO FOLLOW blogs.  But what exactly is a DO FOLLOW BLOG and just where can you find those golden DO FOLLOW lists?

First off lets talk about what a DO FOLLOW blog is.  It’s pretty simple, actually.  You post a GOOD COMMENT that adds value to the blog you’re posting on and if the blog owner or their henchmen (or women) see fit they approve your comment.  That gives you a one-way link to your site.  If you didn’t know, the more links to your site the more your site becomes an authority in the eyes of the search engine gawds.

What a DO FOLLOW blog IS NOT is a storage place for YOUR CRAPPY COMMENTS, AND SPAM hoping to get a good one way link from an authority site.  Doesn’t work that way.

I do check for spam.  And if something even smells like it, even a bit – I delete it and report it as SPAM which in turn strengthens AKISMET.

Most webmasters or whomever they hire think webmasters and bloggers are stupid, because they post the same comment across 100 different posts.  Ummm…stupid, we will catch on.  Jeez.

SO you want a DO FOLLOW LIST?  Visit http://nicusor.com/do-follow-list/2/ - (Nickoo Shore has accumulated over 300 quality blogs that DO FOLLOW so you benefit from the comment or mention in the blog). I seem to get a lot of referrals from his list, unfortunately not all the comments left are good but that’s OK.  I just mark them as SPAM and delete them… Oh by the way, yes I can also do the same for TRACKBACKS.

Now if you don’t want your site to be banned (and I’ve blocked over 9,000 spam comments – most automagically) then stop the one line comments “that is a good post” or “I agree with what you have said” or “Are you sure that will work” or anything else just as stupid that can be seen through and make the effor to post legitimate comments that spur dicussion and add value to the post and the site and you just might get your comment approved.

For those spammers who came here looking for a DO FOLLOW LIST to spam – most professional bloggers will keep their AKISMET to the max to prevent the rampant comment spam that’s out there.

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