What The Heck Are Private Label Rights?

Private Label Rights ProductsYesterday Mo talked about Breaking Into Internet Marketing – Private Label Rights - but one thing he missed, as was mentioned by a visitor is just what the heck are private label rights.


You make some good points about plr marketing, but you forget one thing. A newbie is not going to understand the acronym, plr, or even the word private label content.

I am not new to owning a business, but I am new to network marketing. I will have been doing this for almost a year now and still to this day, I have no clue what plr is. I can assume based on the content of your topic, but could you please give a simple example of what plr is? That would be most helpful.

Thank you for letting me share…

Lawren Smith @ http://997makemoneynow-lawren.blogspot.com/

Bad Mo!  Bad Mo!

OK so just what the hell… er, heck are Private Label Rights?

Think about ghostwriters that work for the rich and famous.  Do you think everyone of them has the time, and energy to write a book on their own?  NOPE!  Most will hire a ghostwriters to write the book for them.  It’s not an uncommon practice.

Let me give you one more example – suppose a soup company makes… well, soup.  They make their own brand of soup called SOUPER SOUP which is a national hit because they have cornered the market in soup.  New entrants just can’t make it becaue SOUPER SOUP owns the market.  But they can’t grow because they own the market, so they offer to make soup for other companies and allow those companies to use their own labels on the soup cans.  So while they introduce more competition into the market, even if THE NEW SOUP COMPANY sells 10,000 cans per month – SOUPER SOUP company is getting a cut by offering PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS to their product.

That’s more of an extreme example of how private label products are sold in the “real world” in retail outlets.  Againt, it’s not as uncommon as you may think.

PLR or Private Label Rights are very similar to both of these examples.

Essentially you, or someone else who has the money to bankroll one or several products goes out and hires a professional writer who may charge between $500 – $5,000 on developing a particular product.  This person needs to be a professional writer, someone who can articulate well and at the same time is an expert researcher – since they may need to conduct a significant amount of research in order to fully develop the product for you.

It’s this reason that many gurus use the same writers over and over again – they did an excellent job the first time and every time.  Conistent.  That’s the name of the game.

What kinds of products?

Here are a few ideas:

  • How To Stop Smoking
  • How To Attract Women
  • How To Attract Men
  • How To Have Great Sex
  • How To Boost Your Metabolism
  • How To Lose Weight For Teenagers
  • How To Save Your Marriage
  • How To Improve Your Credit Score

Hope you get the idea.

So basically a PLR product is something that someone else has developed (at their cost) and they are now making that product available to hundreds or thousands of people – but don’t fret, because for every 1,000 people that sign-up to these types of sites you may get 10% of the people (probably less – like maybe 1%) that actually do anything with them – some will sell the products as-is.  Others will turn around and sell the PLR product to their list with full-rights and so on…

Those that decide to take the product and do something else with it, some may just package and sell as-is though I don’t recommend this.  Instead you should take the PLR and re-work it.

So how can you make money with PLR?  Simple…

  1. Sell them directly.
  2. Change the format – create audio/video course out of the content.
  3. Create an entirely NEW product from the PLR.
  4. Take the content and use it on your website.
  5. Use the content to create special reports.
  6. Use the content to create your own ezine or newsletter.
  7. Use the content to create multi-part e-mail training.

Really you need to think out of the box and see how you can use the content to YOUR advantage.

Now suppose you don’t have the money to develop your own private label rights product – what do you do next?  Simple, look around to see if you an purchase private label rights product from one of the many hundreds (if not thousands) of people out there that sell private label rights products (can we use PLR now?).

There are many out there, some good, some bad and A WHOLE LOTTA CRAPOLA.

Most PLR products will come complete with all the graphics, PDF versions of the e-book, licensing information, in addition to the source for the e-book.

Here are some images of a PLR product on my drive:

This first image shows two sub-directories – one that contains the images and another that contains the source files for the content.  The licene file is also included

Private Label Rights Products

Here are the graphics included… 

Private Label Rights Products

And finally here is a image of the rights for this particular product:

Private Label Rights Products

 Now it doesn’t stop at the product.  You need graphics, sales letter, copywriting… but we’re getting waaaaay ahead of ourselves now.

So do you now understand what PLR products are all about?  If not, please comment on this post and I’ll help you out.

Robert Benjamin @ Internet Business Opportunities


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