What To Do With Excess Domains?

Some time ago… actually a looooong time ago I mentioned that I have a few extra domains.  Well, ok LOTS of extra domains:

OK, so that’s only two and by the way they are not for sale anymore – unless of course, you have a VERY compelling offer!  As I mentioned previously (very briefly however in this post Cool Make Money Online WordPress Theme ) that I will be putting up a white-label dating site for my SeniorsMeetingSeniors.com website – maybe I can recover the domain registration fees???

You can actually see a list of some of the domains that I sort-of tried to sell here http://www.click-n-sell.com/ (this site was originally going to be a classifieds website, sort of like Craigslist.org but I never got around to it).

Initially I thought of only selling the domains but then did some reading on Sitepoint (http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/) about selling websites vs domains and you know what – it’s probably better to set-up a domain with a website keep it going for several months until you build reasonable amount of traffic then try and sell it (actually their Marketplace has moved to http://www.flippa.com.

Here is a list of travel sites for sale on Flippa:


…yah, sorry that’s a little long.  I guess I should have shortened it.  By the way interested in a domain name that was used to host a domain shortening service?  Nowgoto.ws — it’s a little long but my old host wouldn’t let me run it due to the amount of traffic coming to it.  If you are interested, let me know.  I had developed the backend scripts myself but they lacked quite a bit of security etc., so the site often got spammed as well.  In fact there are quite a few free and commercial PHP scripts that can help you set-up a TINYURL type service – just check out HOTSCRIPTS – http://www.hotscripts.com/category/php/scripts-programs/redirection/url-based/.

Anyway back to what this post is about…

While you can use Flippa.com to sell your sites you can also use Flippa for research.  Lets use the Travel sites for example – take a look at the site http://www.madridtouristguide.net/ - which is listed for sale on Flippa (as of August 10, 2009) and look at what they’ve done – they’ve made some good use of WordPress plugins to make the site attractive.  By viewing the various sites listed you’ll also be able to come up with ideas for your own site.

But don’t stop at sites that are for sale – look at the ones that have sold and what they’ve sold for because this will also give you an idea of what potential purchasers are looking for.  Although everyone is looking for sites with revenue people will also purchase sites that have potential for earning — that means they need to sparkle!  Having sites that are attracting a steady stream of visitors also helps.

So one of the sites that I’ve started to develop is Cheap Travelling Packages.

This will be my “template” of what I’d like to build future sites like so it is still a work in progress.  I’m selecting just the right plug-ins to track my RSS Readers, and Visitor Stats in addition to RSS parsers and other essentials to make it complete.

In addition to all of that I’ve set-up MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter and other social networks to better brand the site so when time comes to sell it it sells as a complete package – domain name + all the goodies.

Something else that I’ve tried to do is post on multiple services at the same time – in fact if you visit the site you will see links to a few services (there are more – but the plug-ins for WP to post to them don’t work quite right).  I also post to TWITTER (#cheaptravelling) – the only problem with Twitter is that URLS get shortened so you don’t get the benefit of an inbound link to you — however posting on OTHER services (like LiveSpaces, LiveJournal or even Blogger).  The idea is if you can cross-post to these other services you site should continue to get visitors since they may get indexed sooner and show up in the search engines before your site does.

LiveSpaces links to the page with the full URL along with the TITLE of the POST – so you can get some additional “credit” to your site.

Now that being Cheap Travelling Packages hasn’t been up and running for a very long time to know the effect of cross-posting on other services as the domain ages more with real content on it I will provide updates regarding visitors and page rank.

Here are my RSS STATS using FeedStats – note that I am NOT using FeedBurner on the site as I am having problems with that right now:


Another view of the RSS STATS


And finally some stats out of SlimStat for July and August (to date):


Week 27 is when the site went live July 17/18).  Week 31 is the current week starting August 9 and upto August 10, 2009 at 14:42hrs.


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