When You Don’t Have Passion To Make It, Fake It

Mo and I are generally not fans of any bloggers, mostly because so many are full of hot air or shit.  We hated getting our @oibo address bombarded (yes we do subscribe to some bloggers and marketers information) with PLR offers and other junk mail.  So we unsubscribed to most of them, and have only kept those that talk about copywriting, testing and other core elements of internet marketing.

One of our favourite bloggers right now (Paula and Wanda – eventhough they are more general) recently had a post entitled You Only Need One Page to Make Money Online.  It’s pretty good, and really does sum up what other gurus talk about.  They’ve managed to tell most everyone how to make money online without having to sell them $97.00 e-books that are mostly rehashed information but also understand that if you are new at internet marketing or affiliate marketing, everything is new and most people are compelled to buy books that are 5 or 10 years old. 

One of the key points that we found in the post is this:

Then one day we stopped and analysed what was happening with the websites and it was then that we decided to stop working on all of our websites and start to focus on just one website. And in fact, we didn’t focus on the whole website because even that took at lot of work. What we did instead was focus on just a few pages – I think it might have been three to five pages. And that’s when things really started to change for us.

Really this does sum things up when marketers talk about being passionate about whe you do online.

But as you read the post and pick out some keywords through them (if you are new you may not) then you understand that internet marketing is not about putting up a site and waiting – just because someone builds a better mousetrap… well you know the story.  But it’s also about stopping and analyzing what you are doing.

Much of what you do is analysis.  What works and what does not on your site.

Most recently we examined one of our “automatic” sites that gets upwards of 5,000 visitors per day (it took us a while to get to that many visitors).  We found that our click-thru rates were very low, around 3% – 5% which might seem high it isn’t.  Lets look at the numbers:

  • Consider that 3% of 5,000 is 150 and 5% is 250 – so 150 – 250 people were clicking on the ads, some people might think thats good, we didn’t
  • Only 1% of those that click are buying so 1 – 2 people buying the product daily – not bad for a product that is paying out a 2-digit payout

The low purchase could be related to a lousy product, but we talked to the owner and they were seeing much higher click-thru rates and purchase rates from other affiliates sending sales through.

So what could the problem be?

Keep in mind that just because the affiliate program offers e-mails, images etc., they may not be all that good or work with your site/theme.

Now first off most marketers will tell you that you need to be passionate about your sites.  We’re not.  We’re in it to make money.  If we can’t make decent money on a site (as little as $50 – $100 per day) then it’s not worth it for us and we’ll turn around and sell the site – remember our initial investment is the cost of the domain and 1-2 hours of set-up with WordPress, some proprietary plugins and a lot of free plugins available.

Being passionate helps, but we’re passionate about money.  At least, I am.

So we ran one of our tools on it (split testing tool) to see what the heck is wrong.  We tried different fonts, types, colors, placements, images, no images - you name it, we tried it.

We found out that it was a specific type of font, font type and color that most people were clicking on.

Once we knew that we tried with and without images and while images inched out it wasn’t significant enough (it seems) for this particular product (no we won’t tell) but we kept the images.

About 3-weeks ago we made the changes permanent and saw the click-thru rate jump from between 3% – 5% to well over 15% on most days.  So that also goes to show you that it was not consistent but you could could on 4-5 days getting into the 15% range.  Lets crunch the numbers again:

  • Minimum 15% click-thru rate on 5,000 visitors is 750 visits to the site
  • 1% purchase rate is about 8 sales per day
  • Our cut of the affiliate payout is low 2-digits (under $50.00) per sale
  • Remember we went from 2-sales per day to 8 with little to no additional work
  • Do the math

Before the testing our results were lousy, and neither Mo or I would have done anything else with the site because quite frankly its boring and we are not interested in this particular industry so we are not passionate about it BUT we (me/I) are passionate about making money – that’s m-o-n-e-y.

While others may scoff at how much we’re pulling in on one site, it’s been doing that for weeks now and shows no sign of slowing down, it is making the equivalent of a VERY GOOD full-time salary for someone.

You want to be passionate about something?

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