Who is John Chow?


A slightly different post today, it’s about making money — but something a little bit different.

Have you heard of John Chow?  He’s a local guy that makes oodles of money by doing what he loves to do – write.  He wrote an excellent post the other day, you can read it here: http://www.johnchow.com/the-biggest-problem-standing-between-you-and-success/.

As I read the post, it follows the advice that many provide – YOU are the biggest obstacle between success.

Here is a quote from his post:

The unsuccessful person blames his misfortune on outside factors – it’s the tax man’s fault, the economy is bad, prices are too high, my wife won’t let me, etc. He’ll blame everything else except the one thing that is truly keeping him down. The success person doesn’t blame outside factors for failing. He accept failure as a requirement for success and learns from it.

What it comes down to is:


Regardless of what you want to do.  If you enjoy your job/work/career and you want to get ahead but just can’t seem to then you need to take the steps that will help you get ahead.  Get out of your comfort zone – that is what learning is all about.  Try something challenging.

I love my career – I enjoy what I do, but I want something more.  Does that mean that I abandon years of hard work?  No, it means that I work harder at what I want.



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