Who Let Mo Out?

WOW!  It’s been a VERY BUSY fall.  When my family returned from vacation, I put the brakes on work – going from around 12-hour days (to fill the time) to about 10-hour days, but that was short lived.

As Director of Customer Care and Operations, August/September is my prep time for November, December and January three of the busiest months in our year!  The industry we are in is very competetive and margins are low so the key is LOTS of sales!  As well I lead a small team of customer care agents that are highly specialized so training and preparation is key to ensuring 90% + call answer rates consistently.

I’m in the pre-paid business – think stored value cards, wireless and virtual long distance PINS.  Our company is a distributor of these products for others in Canada and the US.

October and November has proven to be BUSY times for me and my team, we’ve increased our daily call volumes by over 50% (with no increase in staffing) and are still able to deal with 90% + of calls coming in.  On top of that you need to deal with people calling in sick, late (always) and just plain old bad days.

I’ll hopefully be posting more regularly once we’re over the seasonal hump and probably will start up the Blog Carnival in 2009 – just too much to do right now.

Roberts in his “off season” right now as well – as he doesn’t work, he spends the winter months out of country so we’ll see him sometime next year.  When he travels, he doesn’t like to “work”.

Anyway just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth – with work and sports that my son is taking (soccer, swimming) plus Sunday school plus trying to spend quality time with him (playing, and teaching) and out of a 7-day week, if I don’t give my wife at least 1 dedicated day I’ll probably be seeing divorce papers… well, you get the picture.

Hope you all have a great month – with the economy being in the dumps, do take care of yourself and your families.  I will be continuing the series of posts on ways to make money.

I want to make one quick comment on this – someone had said that they tried a few items from the list and they were not making anything…folks, you cannot expect to do something ONE DAY or ONE WEEK and make money at it.  The only reason why the “big guys” do is that they’ve got mailing lists of tens or hundreds of thousands of people!  If your mailing list is 100,000 people strong and you put out a product or service and you only get 1% of the people buying it – that’s 1,000 people.

Most of these seasoned marketers further divide their mailing list so they know who to target.  For example, they may have a general mailing list that contains 50,000 people then a second list of people who have purchased from them.  This might be smaller – say 10,000 people — but they are HIGHLY TARGETTED!  They are very confident that when they sell to this crowd they will see a huge return on investment i.e., more click-throughs and better response to their pitch.

Whatever you do, it must be long term and you need to focus.  Don’t expect to make thousands with a website you’ve just put up… unless of course, you already have a huge following and massive lists or are willing to spend thousands on buying lists.

Take care friends!

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I'm a man of mystery. I like anonymity, but on the WWW there is not much of it...
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