Why Are You MIA? Dead Blog Syndrome? Blog Sold?

Sell Your BlogWow – we were only away for a few days… well, OK maybe one week or so and we’re like getting inundated with e-mails!!!  Seriously.  I didn’t realize you cared for us thaaaaat much.  We’re feeling much better about ourselves now.

First off – NONE OF THE ABOVE!

We are sort-of MIA.  Robert is away.  Don’t know where… just away.  He can do that sorta thing.

Me – well I’m here, but away.  Busy cleaning up the place, and extremely busy at work (the thing that I do full-time).

Is the blog DEAD?  No.  It’s not dead.  I realize I should have set-up several posts ahead of time, or asked for guest posters — but that didn’t go over well previously so I never bothered to ask again.

Has the blog been sold?  Nope!  I’m not ready to sell…though I get offers regularly and I suspect it’s because of the PR4 rank that we have as it doesn’t make a heckuv a lot of money right now.

So I am back… I’ll be posting the Blog Carnival later today (that should have been posted on Sunday) and will start with regular posts again.  I’ll be taking over a few of the posts that Robert left unfinished as he’ll be gone for a few more weeks so please bear with me!

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