Why I’d Never Blog A Headline “Why Digg Sucks”

DIGGI was out and about, exploring the blogosphere and was actually looking for information on link baiting (or is that linkbaiting or link bait…) for research for a story that I’d like to work on and somehow managed to come across some posts on “Why Digg Sucks“.

As I started read the posts, some stretching back as a few years common themes emerged. But as I kept reading post, after post, after post – it was pretty damn clear that DIGG users LOVE DIGG. They will defend it to their death. They worship Kevin Rose and the rest of the DIGG team.

You should have read the hate comments directed at those webmasters that dared to even blog a post on “Why Digg Sucks“. Certainly I don’t want all that hate mail and clearly, you DO NOT want to be in the cross-hairs of any DIGG-fanatics.

So here are my reasons for why I would never want to write a blog post with a headline “Why Digg Sucks

  1. DIGG is good for your site, especially if a story just happens to get DUGG. Don’t complain if DIGG sends a gazillion visitors to your site, and you’re on a shared server, and your ISPs machines go down or cause major slow downs on the other sites. As some faithful, loyal as a dog DIGG users have said “it’s not our fault”. The claim is that if you don’t want the traffic, you should not have a website. Damn straight!
  2. DIGG users are NOT elitist assholes. That’s right. They are not elitist assholes, dammit! If they were, DIGG would not allow open registrations to the site, or they would force you to answer personality tests. So don’t ever, ever, ever call a DIGG user an elitist asshole. They don’t like it. Not one bit. Oh did we mention that Wikipedia has reported that “100 Digg users controlled 56% of Digg’s frontpage” as well “a niche group of just twenty individuals had submitted 25% of the frontpage content”. As I said some of this information is from a rather old post, you can find one great article over at over at SEOmoz — that’s where the Wikipedia article has cited as its source for those stats. Like to see for yourself who are DIGG’s Top 100 Users? You can do so over at Chris Finkes’ site. And so while the numbers may show otherwise (some of the people in SEOMoz’ screen shot still show up in the list on Chris’ site) I am now more convinced that ever that DIGG users are not a bad bunch of elitist assholes. Digg no longer provides their own Top 100 Users list. So I guess we could have just as easily called this post “Top 100 Reasons Why DIGG Sucks“. DOH! I wasn’t supposed to say that.
  3. DIGG users are smart, intelligent individuals as such they DO NOT click on advertisements that feature monkeys or sexy women. Uhhh…. OK. According to an April 9, 2007 post on Chitikas website, “DIGG traffic is more than 3 times Less Likely to Click on an Ad than Google Traffic“. So that must mean that Google traffic and users are somehow less intelligent than DIGG traffic and users. Makes sense, especially since DIGG USER ARE NOT ELITIST ASSHOLES they just don’t fall for all the gimmicky ads.

I could go into more details, but I’m sure the good DIGG users have heard it all before…

Robert Benjamin

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I'm a man of mystery. I like anonymity, but on the WWW there is not much of it...
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