WiFi Theft, Hacking & Threats To Your Privacy


For the next three years, I didn’t pay for Internet access. Instead, I got online via the unsecured wireless networks of my neighbors.

That’s from an excellent article on Time Magazine - well worth the read. 

Who has NOT “borrowed” their neighbors WiFi?  I am damn sure mine has been borrowed since when I first got wireless, I didn’t really understand anything about setting up secure connections and what the implications of not securing my connection were.  Since then, I’ve become anal about ensuring my connection is as secure as can be.

I’m guilty of it as well, but in Canada (at least so far) it’s not a crime.  And even when I did borrow the connection, I felt guilty as hell plus it could also be a “sting” type operation.  Guy leave wifi open, you use it to check your bank balances or e-mail accounts – he gets your passwords.  BAM – you’re done.  Ever since then, I never ever use/borrow (whatever you want to call it) open wifi connections no matter how desperate I am for an Internet connection.

It will keep the honest thief away – but not the determined individual who wants to hack into it.  But at that point, you’ve got more to worry about.

Here are some articles that I wrote on one of my other static sites:

Please… don’t ask what the sites original intentions were. 


Needless to say, there is some good information there.  Probably time to update the site and maybe turn it into a blog.

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