WooHoo! I’m #1 In Google!


OK, so the title is a play on a story I posted about two weeks ago – http://www.oibo.org/false-profits.html - it was called “False Profits Are Around Us” (a play on the word Profits/Prophets).

If I were an unethical “guru” and wanted to truly rip you off, I would be posting the fact that my site, http://www.online-internet-business-opportunity.com is #1 for the search term “Mohamed Bhimji” (my name).

You see – that’s what a lot of IM wannabees do!  They rate #1 for obscure or really l-o-n-g tail search terms and then flog it in your face!  They expect YOU to shell out your hard earned $$$ to buy into their con.

You know what – they usually get suckers falling into the trap.

Sorry – I hate calling people suckers, they really are not.  It’s just that they’ve fallen for the slick marketing graphics and strong copywriting.  They flash the Google page that proves they are #1 like this:

Mohamed Bhimji

And visitors droll… “how can I get there”.

I wish there was a magic pill you could take and all your worries would go away.  It doesn’t work that way.

Hard work.  Determination and ACTION is what’s needed.

So yah – it’s great that I’ve got the top spot for my name (oddly enough, Richard Lee is just behind me!!) but how many people are going to search using my name?  Probably a few that are curious to know more about me, and stalkers but that’s about it.

Before you believe the word of the profit-mongers, do a bit of basic research into their claims.  I can bet you that they will turn out to be false…

…oh yah, from that story http://www.oibo.org/false-profits.html - if you do a search for the term internet marketing stratagies (misspelled) the site in question is still identified by Google that it “could harm your computer”.



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