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There are hundreds of great WordPress gallery plugins, in fact when I recently did a Google search there were dozen of awesome links in the top 10.  Most of the plug-ins out there do a fantastic job on the presentation but we found that it was the back-end administration that was very, very poor.  Most required you to upload the images via FTP or some other method, have them in a special directory before you could do anything with them.

What a pain in the ass (PITA).  The ideal plugin would have everything under one roof – from gallery/image/album management to the ability to upload from the plugin.

One of the only ones we could find out there was the NextGen plugin.  It is good.  NextGen is developed by Alex Rabe as is as powerful as it is simple to work with.  You will also be surprised that OVER 80,000 people use the NextGen plugin – or at least have downloaded it.  Check out the stats on the NextGen developers site (direct link).

For one of our Amazon affiliate sites we needed to put up about 2-dozen images rather quickly, organize thumbnails for them and set-up a gallery that could be shown automatically to visitors.

After finding NextGen from a few searches, I thought about trying it out.  Install is easy, as is for most WordPress plugins that are coded correctly.

Once it was set-up, literally it took me all of 5 minutes (if that) to upload the images – yes, I said upload, the admin interface has the ability to upload images directly so you don’t have to use FTP or something else to do it.  Once images were uploaded, use the square-bracket tags to show the images and we were done.  Seriously 5 minutes or less is all that it took

NextGen is one of the best, and easiest plugins we’ve used, ever.  We’ll be donating to continue promoting this fantastic plugin.


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