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When I first started this blog, I was in a bit of a dilema.  I mean, how would I write about something new everyday?  I mean, I know full well how to do research and get ideas.  I can sit down and push out articles pretty quick, but how do you write something every day?

Then I started reading other blogs.

I read James Brausch blog regularly for about one year (and still do).  I read many of the blogs you find on my blog roll.  I also read blogs in other market areas, not just internet business.  They all had one thing in common – they wrote about the subject near and dear to them but at the same time they did interject with other relavant or related topics.

So that’s why you see what you do here.  The topics that I write about are relavent to my market focus – namely internet business and internet marketing.

I use my BlackBerry primarily for work, but it is set-up to receive messages from my personal e-mail so I know when James, Aaron, Richard or anyone else that I’ve subscribed to has posted something new to their blog.  In fact, I can click the link and view the site on the phone as well.  It’s great!  So I talked about it, because if I find it a great benefit then so will others.

You see James doing this all the time.  He’s off in Costa Rica talking about his time there, but he interjects relavent material into the post.  The fact that he’s talking about business in Costa Rica is a testament to the products and services he produces.  He’s not only posting about the topic of internet business or internet marketing – but he is telling you a story at the same time.

When you post to your blog, it needs to be natural.  As if you’re speaking to someone.  That’s the nature of the blog.  In the oooold days of static websites, you could get away with “generic” messages for your visitors.  That doesn’t work today.

Think about it like this.  When you go to a presentation, and the presenter is making a point or telling his story — does he look straight ahead?  Or is he looking at you?  Looking at you, right?  He/she knows the power of connecting with the audience.  When you go away from such a presentation, where the presenter involves you just by looking at you — you instantly feel a connection with them and will pay to see their presentations or attend conferences if they are presenting.

That is the power of writing about what you know and speaking to your audience.



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I'm a man of mystery. I like anonymity, but on the WWW there is not much of it...
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