Writing Product Reviews

Writing product reviews can be a real pain.  In order to make it worthwhile, you need to spend a lot of time to research the product and provide detailed in-depth reviews of the product.  Not always an option especially if it’s a high-end product, and not something you will buy.

So how do you write a product review that is that detailed to make it appear that you do own the product?

Research the product!

Use the internet – search for the product you want to review and look for it on Amazon, the products own website and forums or other blogs (you do not want to steal, but make notes and use those notes to build your review).

When researching the product, think about what would be important to you about the product.  For example if you are reviewing laptops, you would want to know more about the screen size, amount of memory, how large a hard-drive is included, is there any software provided?

Visit a retailer – most products available are available in retail stores, so use them to your advantage.  If you are looking at a certain type of small appliance or something more complex like a espresso machine, hit the retailers.  They often had a lot of additional resources, not only that you can play around with the item in the store.  You can see for yourself how it is constructed, look at the individual components of the item, open the box to see what is included in fact you can do so much in the store, except of course use the item.


Amazon is your best friend.  One of the worlds largest online retailers, when someone buys something from Amazon they are brutally honest in their review of the product that they purchase.  They will pick it apart from the way it was delivered, to how it was packaged to how long it took them to get it out of the package.  Every step, especially for the more expensive items, is detailed in well, detail.

You can find reviews for virtually everything on Amazon.  They have one of the best overall collection of reviews out there.

Another excellent website for product reviews is called Consumer Search.  They offer reviews of some of the top products out there – if you are paying attention, this is also a treasure trove, gold mine of niches YOU COULD BUILD and tap into.  They collect the best reviews, analyze them and then make a recommendation.

You could use their reviews to build Top 3, or Top 5 product lists in areas such as Electronics, Home & Garden, Kitchen & Food, Fitness & Sports, Computers & Internet, Family & Pets, Health & Beauty or Automotive.

The information there is very good.

From time-to-time it doesn’t hurt looking at some good products that help you.  We don’t recommend a lot of stuff because most of it is crap but one we highly recommend is a e-book written by Wanda & Paula that will help you get started to Make Money on Amazon through affiliate marketing that uses some of the techniques we’ve mentioned in this post.

Go ahead.  We dare you.  Maybe you might actually make some money!

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