Yahoo Answers WILL NOT Drive Traffic To Your Site!


Some time I ago, I wrote a post on Yahoo Answers

I received an e-mail the other day telling me that it didn’t work.

I agree.  It won’t work.  Unless you are consistent.

I tried to locate stats for Yahoo Answers, but was not successful.  I am guessing that Yahoo keeps this information close to them – if you know where I could find stats, could you tell me so that I can update this post accordingly?

Based on the Wiki entry for Yahoo Answers, as of December 2006 there were 60 million users and 65 million answers.  How many questions get asked daily?  How many answers are provided daily?  You can quickly see that if you’re not active your answers will get buried.

Here is a look at my profile:

Yahoo Answers Yahoo

So I’m at 169 points.  There are people on Yahoo Answers that are Level 7 and have OVER 100,000 points.  I’m a little drop in the bucket, and obviously I don’t post answers on Yahoo Answers as often as I should.

In fact if you pop on over to the Yahoo Answers leaderboard you will see that the leader is Judas Rabbi has accumulated 470,367 points, he is a at Level 7 and has provide 149,678 answers!  And he’s been registered since 2006.  Those stats were only for US, not global.

Second profile image:

Yahoo Answers Yahoo

So I need 81 more points to get to Level 2.  Of the 20 answers I’ve submitted, only 2 are selected as Best Answers and even those are in a different category (see below).

Final profile image:

Yahoo Answers Yahoo

There are my two Best Answers – in General Careers & Employment and Business & Finance.

So what is my opinion on Yahoo Answers?  It WORKS, provided you are consistent.  You have to do it daily, otherwise answers that you do provide with links to your site will get buried.

Yahoo Answers is an easy way to get traffic – but it takes work.  Is this high on my list of traffic generators?  Nope – absolutely not, that’s why I gave away the process of using Yahoo Answers to Drive Traffic To Your Site for free (while others charge for the information).

Take care,

Mohamed Bhimji

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