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In my last post on time management I mentioned that you need to get be in the right state of mind to get things done.  The need to concentrate on the task at hand as well as utilizing your time wisely.

To continue on the same train of thought here are a few more tips for you.

Are you a perfectionist?  I know, I am.  But I always seem to be putting the final touches on project.  Some of them, for years!  What about you?  Do you work on a project, for what seems forever?  While it’s always commendable to be a perfectionist tinkering on something which is probably already perfect and that makes little difference in the outcome is a cost in terms of time and stress.

This is particularly important in the area of internet marketing, you can tinker away forever and not release your product — but once you get it to the point where it is very good, looks professional and fulfills the goals of your project and then release it.  Will tinkering even more get you more?  Consider what you’re trying to perfect then see if more tinkering will benefit.

What do you do if you’ve not had a productive day?  Accept it, and move on!  What’s the point of dwelling on it?  Stop and re-focus.  Accept what has happened, then move on and get to work.  Why all the drama anyway?

Finally you need to condition yourself.  If you are working from home, you need to think of your area in which you are working as your office.  It’s a place where you get things done.  You should set a room or area aside and do nothing else there but your work.

We tend to use one room or area for multiple purposes.  For example, eating in front of the TV on the sofa (TV is a bad idea anyways).  Is that where you should be eating?  Why associate TV/SOFA with FOOD?  This is not a good assocation.  Similarly your office should not be your coffee table in the living/family room, nor should it be your kitchen/dining table.  Keep a dedicated space as your office and watch your productivity SOAR!

Do you have some productivity or time management tips you can share?  If so, do comment on this post!



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