You are loosing revenue opportunities!


You are loosing money right now.  Yes, and I can say that with firm conviction.

I know you are.

Do you know how I can tell?  When I buy something from your site, and either right before I’m asked to confirm the sale OR right after I’ve purchased I get back to your main page.

You just lost a great opportunity to sell to me, without EVEN TRYING!

When you’ve finally converted that visitor to a customer, there is a very good chance that they will make more purchases from you.  So why not try right away?

Ideally you should be presenting them with some type of special purchase that may be related to the product that they are purchasing.

For example – I’ll use an excellent example of the current 24 hour special that James Brausch is running for his Blog Carnivals 2008 procedure (and yes, I did buy it).  Now a caveat that perhaps because the system he is using (Kunaki) may not support custom return variables i.e., ability to return back to the site that sent you there but to a different URL (PayPal does support this, as does ClickBank).

Ed Rivis has a post about back-end offers on his blog as well – you should also check it out.

So anyway… how I would do this is like this, I’ve drawn it out to make it easy to follow:

Purchase Process

This should be easy to follow.

Once the visitor has clicked the “buy now” button you should try and capture their e-mail address.  Someone who has purchased from you in the past, will purchase from you again — you want to know who your hot prospects are.  This is done in sales all the time.  The manager of the dealership where I bought my last car sends me brochures every year of the new models and even gives me a call about a week or two later to follow-up to me.

After you’ve taken their e-mail address down, you may want to try and sell them a related product or service.  This is entirely optional.

The purchaser then makes a decision.

If they decide not to, you send them to the payment processor and if possible the payment processor should send the customer back to your site.  You can now give them one more chance to buy the product/service or just give them a thank you page.

If the purchaser decides to buy the product, send them to the payment processor and process the order and if they can be sent back to your site just present them with a thank you page.  You don’t want to be pushy if they’ve already taken advantage of an additional offer you’ve given them.

This is called back end selling, and it is very easy and presents an additional method of selling to your customers.



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