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If you read my post about Blogging – A Skeptics Confession - you read about me admitting that I doubted the power of the blogs.  The fact that I am posting daily means that I am no longer a skeptic.  It works, I can see it daily in the number of subscribers that pick-up my feed, and in the number of people that subscribe to my alerts (in just over one month I have about 150 people subscribed to my alerts).

So without a doubt I realized the power of blogging to establish my expertise, rank higher at the search engines, and improve communication with prospects and customers.  Many bricks and mortar businesses understand this, and many of them are stepping up to the plate and setting up their own blogs or derivatives to keep in touch with their customers and prospects.

Let me share with you some tips to help you on the road to profitting from your blog.

  1. Blog for your audience.  Post information that is relavent to them.  Blog about mostly personal issues on a business blog, and you’ll not have to worry about making a million.
  2. Make your blog search engine friendly.  Choose keyword rich category names, and write titles that are keyword rich.  This will drive more qualified leads to your site and increase your search engine visability.
  3. Engage your active commenters.  If they are talking to you, answer back!  Mention them.  Everyone likes seeing their name mentioned, especially when they’ve added something important to the conversation.
  4. Comment on other blogs.  This is a great traffic technique, but don’t comment solely for getting traffic.  Your posts will get deleted.  Comment when you can add useful information or when you have something valuable to say.  It will be appreciated!
  5. Submit your site to blog directories – there are a lot of good, free ones out there.  In a future post, I’ll drop some names.
  6. Promote your blogs’ newsfeed.  This is important!  Not everyone will want to subscribe to your alerts or newsletter.
  7. Add an e-mail subscription or alert subscription.  Some people may not want to subscribe to your feeds. 
  8. When you post ensure that you are also pinging news aggregators.  Pingoat is a great one, as it allows you to ping about 50 sites at one time.
  9. Social bookmarking!  Admittedly I don’t spend alot of time on this, but should be.  At a minimum, make it easy for your visitors to promote your posts by including links to these services.
  10. Leverage your blog traffic into a REAL BUSINESS!  You are looking for a return on your investment of time, effort and money. Create appropriate calls-to-action in the form of links that drive traffic from your blog to your Web site or online store.

As you build your business and blog, do not get heavy handed; visitors won’t become subscribers or customers if you’re doing nothing but self-promotion.  Establish your expertise and build relationships with readers, but make it easy for them to buy from you when they’re ready.

If you need some help for planning, building or promoting your own blog, comment on this post and I’ll respond accordingly.



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