You just lost $1,875 from your last e-mail campaign!


Once you’ve built an enviable mailing list, you will want to sell to them or promote others products.  Chances are by the time the visitor has elected to receive your newsletter or e-mails, they have added you to their white list.  But there is also a chance that you have not been added to their white list — in fact, if they’re using Google Mail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any one of the other dozens of free e-mail services then your message could be missing the mark.

The more mails that don’t get through, the lower your reach and potentially the less you will be sell (and less you will make).

This post covers a couple of points — first, that your e-mails MUST get through and a quick discussion on copywriting.

Lets work the numbers.

Your e-mail list is comprised of 1,000 individuals.

You are able to sell to 15% consistently – so roughly 150 people buy from you each time.  On a $50 product this means $7,500 each time you release a product.

However you begin to notice that 25% of your e-mails are bouncing, or worse yet you’ve been hit with a “spam” warning for an entire domain!

If 25% of your e-mails are not going through, that means only 750 e-mails are getting through to the intended individuals.  If we assume a 15% purchase rate, you are now selling potentially only 112 packages.  At $50 per package, this means you’ve made $5,625 — a difference of $1,875 — you’ve “lost” almost $2,000!

Now imagine if you release 2, 3 or 4 products per year and you are loosing $2,000 each time.

It adds up, doesn’t it?

So how do you ensure your message goes through?

Have a read of this article

This isn’t the only thing you need to look at.  A hard-hitting title/subject is also essential.  You want to push the right buttons to ensure that your readers open that e-mail, not just glance at it.

Try this.  Next time you go to the grocery store, take a look at the tabloids and look at the titles of the articles.  You don’t even need to go that far. 

Listen to the radio – probably the best source to gain some insight about copywriting.  On the radio, the broadcaster knows that a listener will change stations on a whim.  They need to keep you on their station.  You will find that before they introduce any story in full, that they do what they can to give you a clincher so that you do not change stations.

Usually the headlines are short, and give you just enough information to pique your interest.

You need to do the same with your e-mail marketing. 

Why not do the same for your blog posts as well?

Here are some headlines.  I’ve run these through Glyphius.

  • “Top 10 Reasons To…” – scored 224
  • “The Shocking Truth About…” – scored 167
  • “Satisfaction Guaranteed” – scored 240
  • “Professional results with minimal work” – scored 203

Here are some winning headline words:

  • Proven
  • Winning
  • Guaranteed
  • Secrets
  • Achieve
  • Accomplish
  • Benefit From
  • Profit From
  • Tested
  • Proven
  • Improved

When you see these words think about what they mean. 

People like systems and processes that are proven, winning, and even guaranteed.  Everyone loves secrets.  Who doesn’t want to benefit from or profit from something?  Especially when it has been tested or proven.  In particular people love something which has been improved (if they didn’t, new cars would not sell).

Tomorrow we will take a look at in-house e-mail marketing versus third-party services.



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