You’ve been RIPPED OFF!


I remember running affiliate sites, I used to generate some pretty good income from affiliate sales even if I was not building my own business. 

In the good old days most of the people who clicked on your affiliate links used to purchase without a second thought… but, now as times are getting tougher, and visitors getting more cynical, you’ll be amazed at the number of people who won’t.  For whatever reason, if a visitor can “smell” an affiliate link — they will do what they can to bypass it.

It’s pretty easy to spot an affiliate link.  Most affiliate links are some form or the other of


Pretty easy to spot, right?

Where your affiliate id is passed as a parameter. A thief has to simply change the “YOURID” part to “THEIR ID” to put your money into their pocket – of even simpler, just cut off everything after the .com – in either scenario, you loose.

Why do people do this?  Simply that they can’t stand the thought of you “making money off them” so they bypass you by simply chopping off the end of your affiliate link that contains your ID or just heading to the website and searching for the product themselves.

Affiliate marketers and retailers are smart to this and may run special promotions using your ID as part of the “coupon” code — but more often than not this is an added headache that not all retailers or affiliate programs will get into.  Besides if they can keep an extra $200 in commission — why not?

But there has always been one aspect of affiliate marketing which plagues most affiliate marketers – that’s affiliate ID theft.

It works two ways:

  1. Your affiliate ID gets hijacked, by those that know how to manipulate the system.
  2. Your affiliage ID get chopped off, by those that know how to manipulate the system.

In either of these cases, there are no sure fire ways to protect your commission but there are deterrants.  One such deterrant is Jack Keifers’ AmazingCloaker 4.

Click on the link to look at Jacks’ application – although the technology behind his application has been around for quite some time he packages everything into a great slick application that will keep most users honest.  If you’re trying to stop a dedicated thief, then unfortunately there isn’t anything out there that will really stop them.

Check out Jacks’ program – if you will be running affiliate programs on your site then this is a tool that you do want to keep on your desktop and readily accessible.



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