Mo and I are both pretty lazy.  We hate doing work, but love making money.  We started a cooking/cookware blog sometime ago but it sat empty for several years.

We recently turned it into an autoblog with only AdSense on it and we’re generating an average of $10 – $20 per day on it and a LOT of comments, so it’s not doing too bad for 1-2 hours of work per month.  But we wanted more and as you know we did buy the Amazonian Profit Plan and had outsourced work for articles and posts.  But a lot of the stuff we got back sucked big time.

So we searched the web and found YummyPLR.

We needed some “good” content for our cooking/cookware sites, and these guys seemed good.  We’ve just started using them so will see what kind of effect their content has on our site.

We’ve created another custom AdSense channel so can track if their articles and recipes generate any additional money for us.  If they don’t we’ll drop them like a hot potatoe.  If it works out, then the monthly cost is justified and we’ll keep spending.  Maybe YummyPLR will be the answer to hiring contract writers who mostly suck.

To start out we will buy some of their older packs as there are some topics that are ideal for what our site does and because we’ve also just added Amazon to that site the article and recipe packs should help increase our Amazon sales.

We will report back in about 30-60 days once we get some good stats of how things are running.  In the meantime, click on the logo to visit YummyPLR to learn more about their products.

About Rob 'n Mo

I'm a man of mystery. I like anonymity, but on the WWW there is not much of it...
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